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Medications stocks a variety of HIV and AIDS medications. Select the ones on your prescription and add them to your cart. If you would like to learn more about a drug, click "More Info" for a description of the drug.

We offer support to those needing to reduce the cost of their medications.

Unfortunately in addition to the physical and emotional stresses of living with HIV and AIDS, increasing drug costs forces many people to endure even more hardship. works to play a role in lessening the economic impact of living with HIV and AIDS. We do this by connecting people without adequate insurance (or insurance at all) with the medications they need at prices generally far lower than at most retail or hospital pharmacies. We offer prescription drug savings to everyone equally. There are no plans, no premiums, no caps, no insurance checks, no medical exclusions, just our Patient Service Representatives working daily to bring lower costs medications to those who need it.

Our solution is simple.

On this page you will find prices and links to the most common medications that we dispense to people with HIV and AIDS. Many are at extremely large discounts compared that their normal cost. We are able to offer this because of the exceptional prices of medications in Canada and by carrying many generic forms of medications only available in more expensive brand name versions where you are. We also carry a full line of over the counter medications that include herbal remedies, vitamins and supplements to round out each individual's medicinal regime. If you don't see something listed here or on the rest of the website, please take a moment to call Toll-Free to 1-800-CAN-DRUG (226-3784) to speak to a Patient Services Representative.

Our No-Risk Guarantee.

Realizing these savings is simple and risk free. If you have a prescription that you're ready to refill, simply place an order online or by calling and requesting our Patient Kit and mail, fax or email your prescription to us. Your purchase is guaranteed in a variety of ways:

Best Price Guarantee.
We work diligently to ensure we offer our patients the best prices everyday. If you find a lower price at any other CIPA and Square Trade accredited pharmacy we will match that prices.

Free Shipping Worldwide.
Ordering a 90-day supply of medication almost always ensures that you qualify for free shipping no matter what medication you are on and provides the greatest efficiency during the ordering process.

21 Day Shipping Guarantee.
Generally it takes only 7 to 14 days to receive your medications. However, if postal delays cause your medications to not be received within 21 days we immediately re-ship your package at no charge.

No-Hassle Returns.
Whether your physician changes your regimen to not require some of the drugs you have ordered, or a spouse, partner or friend has passed away and you are wanting to return the medications to recover some of the money for the estate or for any other reason, simply return the unused portion of the medication(s) and we will refund that amount including the cost of the shipping back to us. You never have to worry.


The Body
The Body's mission is to use the Web to lower barriers between patients and clinicians, demystify HIV/AIDS and its treatment, improve patients' quality of life and foster community through human connection.

HIV InSite
Comprehensive, up-to-date information on HIV/AIDS treatment, prevention, and policy from the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine.

The Well Project
Health resources for Women diagnosed with HIV and AIDS. Identify symptoms and manage health problems caused by AIDS and HIV. Read HIV articles, research AIDS treatments and understand gynecological problems effecting women living with HIV.

Current, reliable U.S. Government approved information for consumers and health providers. Health Information Specialists answer questions by phone in English and Spanish. Links and resources for downloading.

AEGIS is your best starting point for finding information about HIV or AIDS. AEGIS is the largest HIV and AIDS knowledgebase in the world, fully-indexed, cross-referenced, and keyword searchable.


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